Offices5 Office Interior Design Essential Checklists That Will Transform Your Office
Office interior design Essential Checklist

5 Office Interior Design Essential Checklists That Will Transform Your Office

Office interior design is something to consider when you are completing an office relocation. It’s common for people who have recently relocated their company to a new location, for those who want a change in the workplace environment, or even both.

It can be intimidating when it comes down to putting your own personal touches on your office space; however, here is a office renovation checklist with essential items that will help make designing and decorating easier.

Check out this list of essentials!

1. Make Your Office a Place of Inspiration

Whatever you decide, make sure your office interior design is motivating and energizing – this might mean keeping the space simple, using vibrant colours, and making it aesthetically pleasing.

You can do wonders to boost employee happiness by creating a nurturing, inspiring work environment. During this process, your people become proud ambassadors for your brand. Employees who love their jobs are more likely to go the extra mile, help their peers and mentor others.

To make the space inviting, it is essential to vary the decor.

Workstations are an integral component of a well-designed office. It would help if you also planned for creative shared areas, so the space feels more inviting to your team members.

We can use these areas to work together or stop by when we need to get away from the desk. This encourages more collaboration and improves overall happiness and creativity! 

Additionally, lounge areas are of equal importance. Although there may be times when they may seem to be a distraction, it’s essential to have a secluded space where you can relax. Additionally, this will ensure that you have a quiet working environment!

2. Flood Your Office Space With Natural Light

Workplace quality is increasingly essential in office interior design, with natural light being a very high on priorities!

The impact of natural light on health and mood is unquestionable, and everyone should have access to it!

Employees exposed directly to sunlight for extended periods are less likely to get headaches, and they are less likely to get stressed and exhausted. It has been shown that employees living in offices with windows and natural light are more likely to reduce their anxiety levels and increase their satisfaction levels.

There are several excellent options out there to flood the interiors of office interiors with natural light; one of the most common (and striking) is to incorporate large floor-to-ceiling windows into the area’s design.

A transparent external partition lets the sun’s energy penetrate the space and allows the sun to shine on your office.

3. Choose the Colours for Your Workplace

Colour can make or break a space. Choosing appropriate colours for your workspace is an essential aspect of interior design. Even if your company has hired an interior designer, it’s wise to know a few basics about colour.

Colours affect the way our brain works; it is a proven fact. It can be fulfilling, calming, and energizing; on the other hand, it can also be irritating, depending on what it is! Thus, it is vital to carefully plan the colour scheme of office space because the colour scheme can make or break the success of the space.

Are you involved in a creative field of work? Then Orange is an excellent choice for you! The colour red should usually be avoided, as prolonged exposure to it can make one feel like they are experiencing a headache!

4. Add Some Greenery to Your Office Interior

According to the Human Spaces report, natural lighting and greenery increase productivity and creativity by 6% and 15% respectively. 

Having plants in the workplace makes you more productive because it gives you a sense of connection with nature. In our DNA we are hardwired to want to live near nature, a nature-oriented trait called Biophilia.

There is always something good about having plants and flowers around the house. The very presence of these plants brings life to any space. It also brings colour to an office, makes the environment more inviting, and can even positively influence how we think and improve our physical health. If all that wasn’t enough, did you know that some plants can also enhance the air quality in offices?

5. Consider Developing Some Pantry Ideas for Your Team Members

It is typical for most employees to spend an average of 8 hours at work each day. Some might even work five days out of the week. In fact, many professionals may spend more time at work than at home. However, the office pantry has gained considerable attention lately, but why?

There are times when it is used for office gatherings to boost morale, encourage collaborative work, and impress clients. However, few people realize that a well-stocked pantry can actually enhance productivity.

Study results have shown that 57% of working professionals purchase their snacks and beverages from outside sources. Additionally, one out of two respondents reported that they had left the office at least once a day for a coffee, snack, or another break, and some said upwards of five times.

These are not unproductive workers, just hungry workers grabbing a bite to eat so they can concentrate better at work. It is scientifically proven that our glucose level lowers when we are hungry and that a balanced glucose level boosts focus and concentration.

People often say, “the little things matter, ” which is especially true for having a well-stocked pantry! 60% of professionals reported feeling “valued and appreciated” when they had free snacks in the office, according to Inc Magazine.


If you need help bringing your vision to life, our team of experts at Officereno would be happy to assist you. We specialize in creating functional and well planned office spaces that will help your business thrive. Contact us today to get started!

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