OfficesAvoid These Mistakes to Choose the Right Office Reinstatement Contractor in Singapore
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Avoid These Mistakes to Choose the Right Office Reinstatement Contractor in Singapore

It is not a smart idea to choose an office reinstatement contractor blindly or based on a referral. There are many things that you should put into consideration before selecting the right company for your project.

Hiring the wrong company can be costly and lead to financial losses, reduced productivity or even a drop in clientele.

In this article, you will learn what office reinstatement contractors actually do, what to bear in mind when hiring them, and the common mistakes businesses make when selecting an office reinstatement company.

Let’s dive in!

What Are Office Reinstatement Companies Really Do?

As part of termination handover, Singapore landlords usually ask tenants to rehabilitate their commercial properties to their original condition. Several trades are involved in the restoration process to restore the property correctly to the landlord’s requirements. 

There is usually a requirement for tenants to remove all modifications and remodelling materials installed after some modifications have been made to an existing commercial space. This is to make it more suitable for the tenant’s needs. The most common modifications are as follows.

1) Removing plumbing components

All pipes installed when the tenant occupied the unit will need to be removed. Additionally, the existing piping will have to be in a suitable working condition before the premises are returned to the landlord.

Therefore, the reinstating contractor is responsible for ensuring that the original plumbing systems are fully restored and functional.

2) Disposal of data and electrical components

In most cases, landlords will request that tenants remove the following electrical components:

  • Connectors and distribution boards
  • Electrical sockets, telephone sockets, and data ports
  • Previously installed cable systems by the tenant

3) Removing different kinds of furniture

There are two types of furniture to include – built-ins and loose items. The loose items will be brought off-site, including the chairs, tables, and couches.

You can request your furniture transported by the contractor if you are relocating.

An experienced contractor will take care to avoid damage to built-in furniture such as wardrobes and cabinets when removing them. They will focus on removing any hinges, bolts, and adhesives that have been secured to the structure of your furniture in the past.

4) Removal of Partitions and False Ceilings

You likely had your office renovation contractor subdivide your workspace for operational reasons during initial installation. Probably, false ceilings have also been used as a way to hide cabling works and to enable ceiling appliances to be installed.

To restore the premises to their original condition, your reinstatement contractor will have to take down these installations while ensuring that no damage is done to them in the process.

5) Removing windows, doors, and furnishings

Upon termination of the tenancy, all doors and windows will need to be removed. There will have to be patching up of any visible mounting brackets and screw holes with regard to these mounting brackets and screws.

6) Bringing the walls and ceilings back to their original colours

Walls and ceilings in offices are often painted white as a colour choice. This is to keep things as simple as possible for everyone involved. For this reason, if you have altered the colour of the walls through painting or wallpapering, you must restore white to them as part of your restoration efforts.

What to Take Note Before Hiring an Office Reinstatement Contractor

The process of choosing an office reinstatement contractor can be stressful and overwhelming for you. With so many companies out there, what questions should you ask?

Here are some commonly asked questions to help make the decision-making process easier 🙂

1) Is Your Reinstatement Contractor Casetrust Accredited?

Renovation businesses committed to maintaining good business practices can be accredited by the CaseTrust Accreditation for Renovation Businesses, an accreditation scheme in place since 2004. With the CaseTrust mark, these companies show their commitment to putting consumers’ needs first and ensuring that they receive what they have paid for.

2) How Much Reinstatement Work Experience Does Your Contractor Have?

One question that is always important to ask potential contractors is how many years of experience they have. This gives you an idea of the level of expertise they bring to the table and whether they are likely to be able to handle your specific needs.

It is recommended to go for a contractor with experience in this field. You should contact a number of contractors before signing any contracts since they may all offer you different ideas.

If you hire a reinstatement contractor without previous experience, the restoration will take longer, and you may not be aware of some of your responsibilities as a tenant.

It’s a complex field, and getting along with landlords and building managers can be challenging when moving out of rented office space. Therefore, hiring someone knowledgeable in this area is crucial. 

It may be possible to work with a professional who has done a hundred or more reinstatement and renovations over the last two years and has excellent ratings and reviews from previous clients.

3) Do Your Office Reinstatement Contractors Have A Former Contract?

A former contract specifies in writing the scope of the reinstatement project. Each phase should be clearly defined in the agreement, with complete lists of works.

To ensure your contractors get what you want, you need a formal contract. Ensure the reinstatement contractors know the works involved by meeting with the building manager and the reinstatement contractors.

Before they begin, make sure you know the kind of services you expect of them and make sure they can deliver them.

It will be easier to avoid disappointment if both parties are clear about expectations and deadlines from the start.

You should also get a set payment amount in writing before beginning any work. Doing so avoids any hidden extras once the work has been completed.

4) Track Record of Their Reinstatement Services

Your first step should be to examine the track record of the contractors you have shortlisted. You can tell a lot about a contractor’s experience by looking at their track record.

Make sure you check your contractor’s website and Facebook page to see if they have an official business profile. It is essential to keep track of your contractor’s recent activity and feedback from clients to determine their legitimacy and competence. It is vital that you thoroughly research your contractor before committing to any work.

What Are the Common Mistakes Made When Choosing an Office Reinstatement Contractor in Singapore?

When renovation works take longer than initially anticipated or exceed budgets, mistakes are the leading cause.

These are common mistakes that many new business owners make without even realizing it! Keeping your budget and time under control when renovating is possible by avoiding these mistakes.

However, the most significant benefit is that you will have your office transformed into your new everyday favourite destination!

We have listed some common mistakes and how to avoid them below.

1) Not having a realistic reinstatement cost budget

It’s probably the most common mistake not to set a realistic budget! It will certainly cost you if you are way under your actual mark. Prepare your renovation budget accordingly and keep a buffer if something unexpected happens.

Despite this, keep in mind that the larger the floor plan, the more expensive it will be. 

2) Go for The Lowest Price

Especially now that the cost of materials has increased, it can be tempting to settle for the cheapest quote. However, the lowest bid does not always mean the best job. Some contractors offer cheap quotes for the job but then cut corners or use inferior materials. You may even get surprised by an unexpected charge!

3) Rushing Into Your Project

We understand – you want to start operating in your office as soon as possible so that you can do business more shortly, but who doesn’t?

 Nevertheless, don’t rush things for the sake of a smooth renovation. Most of the time, you will have shoddy work that costs a lot to fix.

Ensure you have a realistic timeline and a detailed outline of what needs to occur when, who is responsible for what, and what is to be done.

It would help if you started planning early – gather ideas and inspiration a year before you move in, attend exhibitions or shows to get an idea of what things cost, and consult with interior designers a few months before you move in. Planning and doing the work in good time will result in your dream office being yours.


When choosing an office reinstatement contractor in Singapore, there are many things to consider. Make sure to do your research and ask around for recommendations before making your final decision. With a little bit of effort, you should be able to find the perfect contractor for your needs.


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