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Office Reinstatement Works in Singapore

More often than not, it is a stipulation in most, if not all, commercial tenancy agreements for the tenant of a specific space to reinstate the premises back to its original condition before it is handed over to the landlord. Whether your business is relocating to a new space because of lease expiration or just for convenience, tenants are most likely contractually obligated to ensure that their current office is restored to its original state. Failure to do so may result in a deduction of the reinstatement amount from the initial deposit, or legal action might even be taken to claim the reinstatement costs.

However, many tenants tend to overlook the reinstatement clause until they are nearing their moving date. If you are in a similar situation, Office Reno is the perfect one-stop solution for you. When we offer our office reinstatement services to our clients, we assure a smooth handover and will endeavour to rectify any last-minute hiccups as soon as possible.

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Our Office Reinstatement Services

Reinstatement works refer to several activities, including simple tasks such as removing draperies to more laborious tasks such as breaking down walls. The reinstatement clause in most Singapore lease contracts stipulates that the lease’s location should remain the same as when the lease was signed. Several things can be meant by this, and you will need to clarify it with your landlord. And since most businesses would have integrated specific corporate office interior designs while working with office renovation contractors in Singapore, office reinstatement works will inevitably be unique. 

Here are some of the reinstatement works we at Office Reno provide to our clients in Singapore:

1. Office Hacking

Professional office hacking is part of our office reinstatement services. To restore your office space to its original state, our hacking specialists are adept at using skilful techniques, modern methods, and a systematic, strategic approach.

Common Hacking Reinstatement Works Include:

  • Flooring removal
  • Taking down/hacking a wall partition
  • Taking down all interior fittings
  • Ceiling removal

2. Office Dismantling

We can also offer complete office dismantling if your office reinstatement project requires something a bit more robust. This lengthy, complicated process allows us to clear your office of furnishings and the like while keeping fixtures and other resources for reinstallation in your upcoming workplace in Singapore. Office dismantling involves a thorough examination so that we can take the appropriate steps to ensure your and your property’s safety. This is followed by completely removing all items that may be salvageable, recyclable, disposable, or repurposed in your office. 

Common Dismantling Reinstatement Works Include:

  • Air conditioners removal
  • Dismantling of sprinklers and fire safety components
  • Electrical wiring dismantlement
  • Electrical components relocation
  • Plumbing components restoration
  • Plumbing components restoration
  • Painting restorations
  • Lighting restorations
  • Removal of fixtures such as blinds, curtains, windows, doors, and more 

3. Office Reinstatement Disposal

The byproducts of the office reinstatement process often result in enormous problems for clients. From junk and debris to other waste materials, they must be disposed of professionally, efficiently, and effectively. Our office reinstatement services have dealt with junk and debris for years, so we know how to dispose of junk and other materials that do not belong.

Common Disposal Reinstatement Works Include:

  • Emptying reinstatement spaces
  • Furniture and equipment disposal
  • Furniture and equipment disposal
  • Haulage and debris disposal

Why Choose Us As Your Office Reinstatement Contractor

In Singapore, office reinstatement services are always in demand because reinstatement clauses are commonplace in many office lease agreements. While many services offer office restoration and renovation, we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for quality, efficiency, and affordability. As certified reinstatement contractors in Singapore with decades of experience in the construction industry, we are able to work with building authorities and compliance officers to obtain a building permit so that the entire reinstatement process goes through quickly and smoothly.

Having been in the industry for years and providing tenants with convenient, effective and reliable office reinstatement services that cater to various needs, we adhere to specific principles to offer: 

1. Standards of the highest calibre

It’s not just about tearing down wires and destroying walls when it comes to restoration. The process of office reinstatement is fraught with hazards and pitfalls. Poorly executed office reinstatement work can result in safety hazards, damage to property, legal ramifications, and, most importantly, a waste of time, money, and effort. Therefore, to ensure that an office reinstatement job does not compromise the structural integrity of the building, it should only be done by contractors with extensive knowledge of construction and building standards. Taking every precaution and every professional measure to ensure that we always deliver quality work, our office reinstatement services meet the industry’s highest standards. It is also our company’s privilege to hold a bizSAFE 3 certification, which makes us more qualified than other office reinstatement contractors without the certification in Singapore.

2. Every step is transparent

We guarantee integrity and honesty throughout the entire office reinstatement process, from the moment you contact us for enquiries and quotations to long after we have completed the job. We take pride in our honesty and integrity, unlike other office reinstatement service providers that may entice you with low prices only to shock you with hidden fees and charges later on. After evaluating your project, we will provide you with an estimated cost and impose no additional charges without your authorisation.

3. A well-trained & experienced reinstatement team

Reinstatement of an office requires significant expertise, know-how and manpower to ensure that the entire project is completed without hassle. Fortunately, our highly qualified and experienced professionals are always up to the challenge. Demolition and dismantling of office furniture, carpentry, electrical work, and pipelines are all part of our office reinstatement services. It doesn’t matter what your reinstatement project entails; our multidisciplinary reinstatement professionals can handle it.

4. Cost-effectiveness

With our office reinstatement services, you will discover that our costs are transparent and competitive. By managing our supply chain effectively, we can give you the highest quality service in Singapore at a fraction of the cost.

5. Service that is dedicated to our customers

Our customer service team is ready to help clarify and resolve any concerns you may have throughout any step of our service delivery process.

Consult with Our Office Reinstatement Contractors in Singapore

Meeting industry standards, all while taking steps to never compromise on quality and efficiency, we ensure that our office reinstatement services are the best. We offer competitive rates and a range of services, such as office partition installation and office space planning services to suit your office reinstatement needs at Office Reno, and we can help you with all aspects of the work. Get a free quote from us today!


Office reinstatement is the work done to restore an office space to its original condition before it is handed back to the landlord. For more information, check out our guide on office reinstatement works and why you need the best services, as well as tips on how to choose the right office reinstatement contractor in Singapore.

Engaging the services of an office reinstatement contractor in Singapore can cost various amounts. This is because the cost is determined by the layout complexity, the amount of manual labour required for tasks like hacking, the size of the premise, and other heavy work. When you make Office Reno your office reinstatement contractor in Singapore, let us know your budget, and we’ll be able to come up with the right solution for you.

Given our history of having worked with building authorities and compliance officers, the pre-reinstatement process can be processed quickly and smoothly. Thereafter, it depends on the complexity of your project for us to best determine the amount of time required to complete the reinstatement project. When you choose Office Reno, you can rest assured that we will work to complete your reinstatement before your lease tenancy is up.

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