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Founded in 2005, Office Reno Singapore has over 15 years of experience as a one-stop solution for office renovations. Our portfolio consists of clients spanning various industries and we’ve completed over 1,500 successful renovation projects. From full office renovations to a subtle revamp to installing partition walls, our team is able to provide renovation ideas and solutions tailored to your specific workspace requirements. As a BCA Registered and bizSAFE3 certified company, you can be assured that your office project will be completed safely and reliably.

Fully Accredited

Our office renovation company is registered under the Build and Construction Authority (BCA) and Bizsafe3 certified under the Tripartite Alliance for Workplace Safety and Health (WSH Council) in Singapore.
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Our office renovation SG company is registered under the Build and Construction Authority (BCA) and Bizsafe3 certified under the Tripartite Alliance for Workplace Safety and Health (WSH Council) in Singapore.


Our bizSAFE3 certification means we have conducted risk assessments for every commercial office renovation project we have done in compliance with the requirements of the WSH Regulations. As such, clients can rest easy knowing our team always takes reasonably practical steps to eliminate any foreseeable risk to any person within the work site.

Our Clients

Our team is privileged to work with a diverse range of esteemed clients in Singapore spanning across various industries. With every project that we take on, we work to deliver exceptional office renovation solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

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Where Design Meets Functionality – Office Reno Creates.

At Office Reno, we believe that a thoughtfully redesigned office space can transform everyday work experiences into something extraordinary. Our expertise in interior design and office layout helps elevate employee morale, spark creativity, and boost productivity. By skillfully updating layouts, selecting harmonious color palettes, and integrating contemporary furnishings, we tailor environments that reflect your brand’s essence while optimizing functional efficiency. Our commitment is to turn your office into a vibrant space that not only meets the needs of your workforce but also inspires and engages them every single day. With Office Reno, create a workspace that’s more than just functional—it’s inspirational.

Services We Offer To Our Clientele

Bringing Your Office Vision to Life, One Design at a Time.

Interiors that inspire a return to work! Office design should be both beautiful and invigorating. Let us transform your workspace into a place where creativity and productivity flourish, crafting an environment that's not only functional but truly inspiring. Office Reno has the power and skills to transform your office space. Let us take care of every little detail!

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End To End Services for Office Renovations

OfficeReno is the office interior design company in Singapore you can trust to provide you with tailor-made solutions that will enhance your workspace.

Experience the science and art of enhancing your office's renovation and interior design. We create impeccable designs for office spaces that promote workspaces that embody the business’s identity and motivate the workforce.

Embrace the modern way of structuring and spacing your office. Our office partition solutions promote flexibility and efficiency, establishing designated areas for employees to focus on tasks without distractions.

Restore your office to its pristine, inaugural condition. We can handle the removal of fixtures, furniture, and installations, as well as restore the space according to the landlord's requirements.

No need to worry about installing or moving your furniture during relocations or renovations. Our team can do the job for you while you and your team can focus on keeping the business running.

Maximise your work efficiency by optimising your work environment. Our team analyses your office layout and workflow to create intelligent space utilisation strategies to boost productivity and teamwork.

Create a workspace with seamless visual communication across spaces. Our glass partition solutions provide an open design for certain areas of the office that may require privacy and acoustic control.

Our Past Client Projects

We take pride in showcasing our extensive portfolio of past projects, each a testament to our commitment to transforming office spaces into remarkable environments for collaboration and productivity.

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We can do it all

Comprehensive Office Renovation Works

We take pride in the quality of our work, and if you're not happy with our renovations, we will go out of our way to ensure that you are satisfied with what we have done together.


Why Choose Us For Office Renovation Singapore

Get a new office workspace that increases your team's productivity and leaves a good impression on your clients that visit your office. OfficeReno is a one-stop solution for office renovation needs, allowing you to customise the project according to your needs for an ideal workspace. Choose our team to renovate your office in Singapore, and expect these qualities in our service.

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Innovative design

Our team designs spaces with a user-centric mind to create an efficient and effective workplace.

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Craftsmanship spirit

We are devoted to building things with perfection, precision, concentration, and persistence.

Officereno Dedicated Support icon

Dedicated support

This is the main reason why we have a 97% of customer satisfaction rate and 0% of refund rate.

Cost-effective Pricing icon

Cost-effective pricing

Quality office renovation service at a reasonable price will ensure your investment gets a great return.

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Commercial Office Renovation

We strive to fulfil your demands as much as possible in order to provide you with the best customer service.

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Our Happy Customers

“I'm very happy with how my office renovation has turned out”


Officereno has been a great company to work with. I'm very happy with how my office has turned out and how it has improved my productivity and made my job easier. I would recommend Officereno to anyone looking for an office renovation firm!

Joshua Tan


“Officereno has done a wonderful job”


I am really happy with my new office. Officereno has done a wonderful job with the renovation. The work is of high quality and I am very pleased with the outcome!

Sim Gin Huat

General Manager

“Their service is fantastic!”


I run a telemarketing sales company in Bedok, and we have to expand often. Officereno helped us with our last two expansions, and their service is fantastic! I appreciated their quick response to questions about the design of the office, their efficient post-sales service, and the "very atas design!"

Darshan Sura

Sales Manager

“Very reasonable in pricing”


I found Officereno very reasonable in pricing. Before the quote, I had no idea what to expect, but they were upfront and honest about what they would do for me. They were accommodating in all aspects of the renovation, and I would recommend their services to anyone looking to renovate their office.

Celine Tan

Digital Marketer

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Our Office Renovation Process

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Our Reno Rangers

With Office Reno, you can be confident in the expertise and capabilities of our team, who are dedicated to delivering outstanding office renovation solutions. They bring a wealth of knowledge, innovative interior design ideas, and a meticulous approach to every project. We have worked with numerous businesses in Singapore, transforming their commercial office spaces into an environment that fits their needs and work culture.


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Interior Designer


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Project Manager



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Frequently Asked Questions About Office Renovations in Singapore

How much does office renovation cost in Singapore? + -

Renovation costs in Singapore can range from $290 to $970 per square metre. In general, costs are determined by the layout complexity, the flooring, the size of the units, electrical furnishing, plumbing requirements, consulting fees, and the amount of heavy work. If you want an estimate as to how much your renovation can potentially cost, you can get the help of an office renovation contractor in Singapore.

At Office Reno, we pride ourselves on offering quality services at reasonable prices, ensuring a great return on your investment. Our team provides detailed cost estimates based on materials and services, followed by a comprehensive design plan for your office.

How do I plan an office renovation? + -

An office renovation is a huge investment for your company. Therefore, it’s crucial that you have a comprehensive plan in place once you have fully decided to have your workplace revamped. Here are some of the necessary steps you need to go through before completely executing your renovation:

Step 1: Determine your renovation goals.
Step 2: Research the most reliable office renovation contractors in town.
Step 3: Have your office evaluated to see what can be improved.
Step 4: Collaborate with the contractor to come up with designs that will fit your business and work culture.

Step 5: Tell your employees about the renovation plan.
Step 6: Get started on the renovations.

At Office Reno, we enhance the office renovation experience with a dedicated project manager to guide you throughout the project. We work in specialised teams, ensuring a streamlined execution of your renovation plan.

Why do we need to renovate our office? + -

If your business office looks shabby and uninspired, an office renovation will surely do the trick to get things back on track. An office renovation serves as a transformative solution, breathing new life into your workspace. It allows you to address any outdated or inefficient aspects of your office layout, decor, and functionality. By modernising and enhancing the office environment, you can foster employee cooperation, boost morale, and improve overall productivity.

How long does the typical office renovation take? + -

The duration of a typical process can vary based on the scope and complexity of the project. For example, the time taken to fulfil projects involving office partition panels will differ from a full-blown project. It is also important to consider the time taken for processes such as plan submission to the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), design planning, material sourcing, construction, and post-renovation touches.

At Office Reno, we understand the importance of timely project completion. In general, for projects that require minor changes, the entire process will take an average of one to two weeks, while major projects will take an average of two to four weeks. And our track record speaks for itself, with a remarkable 94% success rate in delivering projects on time. We prioritise efficient project management and clear communication to ensure that your office renovation is completed within the stipulated time frame, minimising disruptions to your business operations.

Can you help with obtaining the necessary permits for the renovation? + -

Absolutely! At Office Reno, we offer comprehensive assistance in obtaining the necessary permits for your office renovation. Our experienced team is well-versed in navigating the complex regulatory landscape in Singapore and preparing the required documents on your behalf. This includes crucial permits such as Building Works Permits from the BCA for structural modifications, Fire Safety Certificates from the SCDF for changes affecting fire safety regulations, and Change of Use Permits from the URA if there's a change in the utilisation of the space.

How do you handle unexpected issues or delays during the renovation process? + -

At Office Reno, we recognise that unforeseen challenges can arise during any project. Our approach involves proactive problem-solving and open communication. Should unexpected issues or delays occur, our experienced project managers swiftly assess the situation, communicate transparently with you, and devise strategic solutions to minimise disruptions. This ensures that your office project stays on track and you are kept informed every step of the way. Our commitment to delivering exceptional results extends to managing any unexpected twists with efficiency and professionalism.

Can you accommodate special requests or custom designs? + -

Yes, at Office Reno, we thrive on translating your unique vision into reality. Our versatile approach embraces special requests and custom designs, ensuring that your workspace reflects your distinct brand and preferences. From innovative design concepts to tailored solutions, our team prioritises a user-centric approach to create efficient and effective workspaces that align with your specific needs. Your aspirations drive our creativity, resulting in exceptional and personalised office environments that foster productivity and inspiration.

How do you handle post-renovation clean-up? + -

As an office renovation company in Singapore, our commitment to a comprehensive renovation experience extends to the final stage: post-renovation clean-up. Once the office renovation is complete, our team diligently ensures that the workspace is thoroughly cleaned and ready for a walk-through and immediate use. We meticulously remove debris and any remnants, leaving your newly transformed space immaculate. Our attention to detail extends from design to the final touches, guaranteeing a seamless transition into your revitalised office environment.

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