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While more businesses have turned to open office plans to increase collaboration and improve communication amongst staff, there is both a demand and need to incorporate some level of privacy regardless of the contemporary layout. And when you are looking to project the perfect corporate image of your brand while still inspiring creativity and functionality, investing in an impeccable interior design enhanced by modern office partition panels is a must. Why? Designed to encase and increase the levels of privacy within an office space, office partition panels work to accomplish separation and security in the most stylish way possible. Moreover, partitions make the spaces look organised and ensure proper space allocation.

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Types of Office Partitions Panels by Office Reno

As mentioned, despite the shifting trends in corporate office interior design, with open designs becoming a popular choice, there are still a few common problems associated with the open office plan. However, these are all issues that can be rectified with the installation of office partitions. Be it the lack of privacy or the presence of surrounding distractions, office partition panels can nip these issues in the bud. Also capable of increasing the space efficiency in your workplace, combining form and function through intentional design, and creating structure and flow, partitions ensure that private spaces are created while still remaining a part of the larger office.

With evolving interior design trends, the styles of partition walls in Singapore have also transformed exceptionally. Different types of materials and accessories adorn the partitions in modern offices. As one of the leading office partition contractors in Singapore, we at Office Reno offer a range of partitions that can help enhance office aesthetics and promote employee privacy. From traditional wood partitions to contemporary glass panels, our range is comprehensive and innovative. Our extensive selection of materials includes: 

  • PVC: Available in various designs, PVC panels are flexible and sufficiently transparent, perfectly balancing privacy and camaraderie.
  • Drywall: Strong, long-lasting and sturdy, these robust walls require little to no maintenance and are a quick and affordable solution to create new spaces in the office. 
  • Laminated: Of premium quality, these partitions are low-maintenance and one of the most cost-efficient choices on the market. 
  • Fully Glazed: The epitome of maximum transparency and simple elegance, these partition panels allow natural light to flow through and offer some levels of soundproofing.
  • Solid Demountable: Designed to be removed and reinstalled into various configurations based on your needs, these partition systems provide unrivalled convenience.
  • Glass framed and frameless: Creates segregated areas while simultaneously adding a modern and spacious twist to your workspace.
  • Special walls which are both fire and sound resistant

Choosing the Right Office Partitions

There are many factors that define the final outcome of a partition design. But installing the right type of office partition is what will enhance the overall ambience of a workplace without intruding on the privacy of workers. We at Office Reno have embraced every changing trend and integrated it into our designs so that you can find the right type of office partition panels. With that, both the practical and aesthetic needs of your company are met. Whether you are looking for a stunning glass partition with textured designs and colours that represents your brand or wooden ones that build a sense of ownership, you can count on us. 

For the conference rooms, operable walls are a viable solution. Unlike fixed partitions, they allow the flexibility of combining spaces or opening up as per the requirements. And, if the privacy of your employees is important, you can opt for office cubicles. This type of office partition can be selected at the desired height to suit their individual needs. The high-panel cubicle walls provide isolated spaces where creativity can thrive effectively. On the other hand, low-height panels encourage collaboration among the teams, with adjustable heights of tables complementing the entire layout.

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We cater to all these demands with our expertise and a wide range of products.

Attention to detail

We handle every project with fine attention to detail, and our specialists will consult you regarding office partition utilisation according to a preferred design approach. From fire safety approvals to the installation of partitions as envisaged, our team of experts will take care of every aspect. As part of our office space planning services and office partition installation processes, we also leverage technology for efficiency and accuracy.

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Our no-obligation consultation will help us understand your requirements and suggest the best solutions.

As one of the leading office renovation contractors in Singapore, we are always searching for modern ways of structuring and spacing your office. Whether you are looking to get some office reinstatement work done or simply optimise your work environment by installing office partitions, we have you covered. Get in touch with us for a free consultation and learn how our office partition contractors can turn your office into your favourite everyday destination.

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