OfficeReno has an Office Design team that is always at the forefront of the latest Interior Design trends and technologies. The OfficeReno team is able to provide cost-effective full office solutions that include:

We also specialise in the following technical aspects of office renovation

  • Air-Conditioning
    We have our own team of electrician and specialists who make sure that all electrical power and air-conditioning units are installed in a safe, space-efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Electrical Power
    We work with many electrical supply companies that we trust to provide exceptional services.
  • Instrument Supply
    We have experience working with and installing various office instruments safely so leave it to our team of professionals.
  • Flooring Works
    Flooring work can be a big challenge while renovating an office, but it is one of our specialties! Come talk to us for flooring that will meet your preferences and budget.
  • Roller Blinds
    OfficeReno has a great collection of beautiful roller blinds for your selection. Come talk to us to pick one out that is perfect for your office.

Putting together the perfect office space can be a challenge with so many different aspects to consider and this is where our experienced professionals can help. Come and talk to our friendly consultants and let us help you create an end-to-end solution that will meet both your requirements and budget!

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