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Why Choose Partition Drywall Over Traditional Drywall for The Office


If you are renovating your office, you might feel like fixing traditional drywall is a money-saving decision, and that is true when you only factor in the up-front costs of having the drywall repaired or installed. The overall costs involving traditional drywall in the long run is another story.

Opposed to traditional drywall, you can consider partition or movable drywall for an office that encourages flexibility and customization on the fly. Unless traditional drywall, partition drywall can be moved to establish two or more sections of your office in any ways you see fit. Partition drywalls look like traditional drywall, and unlike traditional drywall, you can take it with you if you ever want to need to move to a new office. This alone makes partition drywall a hot commodity from your office renovation contractor Singapore.

Going back to traditional drywall, it can cost between six to seven dollars per square foot, following services that require sanding, sealing and cleaning are finished. Overall, it could cost you as much as $1600 to get drywall installed in the office. But that would not be the only thing you’d have to pay for, as you will also need to spend on electrical wiring and painting, making that cost go up with additional time required for the drywall to be finished.

You can instead purchase partition drywall to change one large room into two smaller rooms. Drywall is still drywall, as contractors still have to purchase and transport gypsum boards necessary to create the walls, but getting a partition wall is still considered less expensive over traditional drywall.

Contractors also pay for things that the prices they charge make up for. These include insurance, wages, tool maintenance, and other commitments. Companies that make modular or partition walls also need to cover costs of creating the walls too, but due to the modular nature of movable walls, they can operate with a smaller overhead, as a result.

Suppose you have an old drywall, but want to replace that with a completely new drywall. It is possible, but one of the biggest factors is the time it takes, not just mounting the new drywall, but tearing down the old one. Installing a drywall is very labor-intensive, and there are multiple steps that are required in order to successfully install it onto the walls. This involves having to keep sections of your office off limits for a period of time, and covering furniture with plastic sheets, so that gypsum dust does not get onto anything but the floor.

Having a drywall installed in the office can really make a difference productively for the worse. But with a partition drywall, this drywall can be made in a different location and then brought to your office for installation. There is no mess to worry about and your employees can still work as normal without slowdown or distractions.

Partition drywalls are great for tailoring the office to accommodate certain projects or occasions, and you can easily revert back to your typical floor plan when you need to. Movable drywall also comes with panels for easy ways to install your electrical cables. As you can see partition drywalls are not only less expensive than traditional drywall, but they can adapt to any kind of office setting.


Traditional drywall is expensive and cannot be moved, but for office managers that still want a drywall, but to be able to move it around, they can order a partition drywall when they need to remodel their office. Partition drywall courtesy of an office renovation contractor comes with reduced costs, and no installation is required inside the office.

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