OfficesHow to Create A Healthy Office Layout and Design for Employee Wellbeing?
Healthy Office Layout and Design for Employee

How to Create A Healthy Office Layout and Design for Employee Wellbeing?

Workplace wellbeing has become rooted in business strategy for companies of all sizes and sectors. Hence, it has become an important concept to understand. Workplace wellbeing can increase morale, staff retention, and productivity. So let us see how you can create a healthy workplace with the help of the best office interior design company in Singapore.

The Right choice is the Key

Laboring at the desk the whole day is no longer preferred by employees. Hence, the best office interior design company in Singapore will provide various work settings that will allow the staff to choose where and how they want to work. This can be anything from breakout spaces designed for informal catch-up, quiet coffee, and team collaboration to private spaces designed for concentrated working where people will not be disturbed by phone booths for taking confidential phone calls.

While the desk is still a space where much work is performed, it is no longer the only place employees can work. Other alternatives can have mental and psychological advantages that can help improve the wellbeing of your employees. It can also promote greater movement and less sedentary work, which is fundamental to workplace wellbeing. So, go for a layout by considering how your choice can positively impact the staff’s wellbeing.

Opt for Sit Stand and Standing Meetings

Increased movement of employees is essential for staying healthy. Many designers are introducing stand desks for their employees, allowing them to change from sitting to standing. Previously, sit-stand desk solutions were considered expensive, but now there is a vast selection of products to suit all budgets.

Work-related stress can have both physiological and psychological impacts on employees. Standing when working, even for just 30 minutes a day, can remarkably decrease blood pressure, stress levels, and cholesterol levels. Standing meetings is another trend that can provide the same benefits aligned with more efficient collaboration.

Light Up the Interiors

Incorporating and utilizing as much natural light as possible is important. But you can also adopt a lighting strategy for areas designed for specific types of work or activity. Remember that lighting affects mood and can impact productivity and wellbeing. So ensure that your office design has a good tough lighting strategy.

Add Colors

Certain colors can impart certain moods like calmness or dynamic creativity. Psychology of color can come to your rescue. The norm was previously to select soft tones for workplaces, but this has changed drastically. But today, companies and office designers are embracing color for wellbeing.

For example, colors like blues and greens add a sense of calmness and wellbeing. Selecting colorful furniture and adding graphics or carpeting can work great. You may work with your interior designer to choose a palette for your brand and space. Do not shy away from selecting some bold and bright colors.

To Sum Up

Because the office designs and layout can greatly impact the productivity and wellbeing of the employees, it is important that you focus on your office interior design to create a healthy workplace for your employees.

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