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Office Partitions Can Help

Three Problems with An Open Office Plan That Office Partitions Can Help With

If you are overhauling your office environment, having one that is inspiring is necessary so that your staff maintains its productivity. You likely have and still want to retain an open office plan for many reasons. Open office plans can be more cost-efficient, they allow better communications, they are flexible, and they make for better visuals throughout the office. However, if you have had many cases in the past in which your staff has been distracted or has not been as productive as you would have hoped, the open office plan could be the problem.

Here are 3 disadvantages of an open office plan and why you should consider buying a series of office partition in Singapore.

1. Workers get distracted too easily.

This is arguably the biggest flaw of the open office plan; workers can easily see and hear things that go on inside their space and that could keep them from working productively. People talking to one another, phones ringing, things that are brought into the room for staff to stare at all day; a lot goes on inside the office which can serve as a series of ongoing distractions for some of your staff members.

Getting office partition in Singapore on the other hand may not eliminate all distractions that your workers could face, but they are proven to make it easier for office workers to focus and will give them a sense of privacy. With an open office, finding a means to stay focused can be rather difficult, which is why you should opt to buy effective office partitions.

2. Workers lack privacy.

The open office idea can be unfavorable to some workers because there is little to no privacy to be had. When people work in close proximity to one another, they can’t even make a phone call without their coworkers overhearing the conversation. Some coworkers are even afraid to eat snacks without the sounds getting on the nerves of coworkers next to them.
Sometimes, you want to know what your employees are up to, which is likely the reason for an open office plan, but if your more untrustworthy employees were slacking off intentionally, getting better employees would fix this problem. Trustworthy employees, however, might still prefer to have a sense of privacy in order to stay productive.

Office partitions are a good way for employees to feel determined to keep working and stay productive, as they complete their tasks in peace. While you might feel like you still want to keep an eye on your staff, they likely will feel better about working when they know somebody isn’t breathing down their neck. Find out more in our article about innovative ways to use office partitions.

3. Workers are likelier to spread germs.

Something that you likely haven’t realized before, employees are more likely to spread germs around to their peers in an open office plan, thanks to the lack of walls and cubicles. It might be bad enough if one employee is too sick to work, but if their disease is contagious, then that is more workers who will be absent, and thus less work will end up getting done.

You likely already inform your employees how important it is to wash their hands, sanitize their desks, and maintain a clean working environment, but even so, getting sick can still happen. Believe it or not, but office partitions can help shield workers from germs that linger in the air. If an employee sneezed from one corner of the office space, for instance, it will not spread to other areas of the room, thanks to the number of office partitions that are put up.

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