With so many options out there, choosing the right office table can be overwhelming.

In this article, we will share the common type of office tables to help you find the right one as per your work style and respective use.

So be sure to read this article if you are looking for a reliable Office Table Singapore supplier!

Executive Tables
These tables or desks are used in large offices with ample space. They also come equipped with a large box of drawers for storing paperwork and supplies. They are also made using high quality wood because they are situated in the centre of the office. So if you are looking for a table to add in the boss’s office, this is perhaps the one you should be looking at!

Computer Table
These desks are smaller versions of executive tables that typically has enough space for a table or a desktop computer. It also has filing drawers and a wire management system. Computer tables or desks are ideal for home offices that have smaller spaces and do not have enough room to house a big workstation.

Compact Table
Pressed for space? Don’t worry because these tables/desks are even smaller in size. These workstations have just enough space to fit a computer. They come in various shapes, including L-shape and straight, that are able to fit virtually anywhere. They are perfect for small offices with less availability of space.

L-Shaped Tables
These desks or tables come with two connecting parts – large table and a skinny return. These two are meant to offer additional workspace. They are available in different styles, shape, size, price range. This is a great choice for all kinds of offices. However, some of these L-shaped desks come with unfinished corners that must be placed in a corner back against the wall. So be sure to check the product details if you are planning to put these tables in the middle of a room.

U-Shaped Table
Similar to L-shaped tables, these desks have three work surfaces that include a table, a bridge, and a credenza. U-shaped tables are huge in size. However, you can also find a compact variety of it as well. A U-Table is perfect for a person who needs plenty of work space to do their work effectively. Due to its size, one can also find abundant storage space as well. Needless to say, these tables have a lot of utility for offices that require large surface area to work such as architects, designers etc.

Cubicle workstations
These are the most common office design that are surrounded by modular partitions. Cubicles are perfect for employee workstations in a small to large company size where there are large number of employees using a common work area.

Now that you know the most common types of office tables, correspond your utility with the available options to find the ideal workstation for yourself and your employees.