OfficesShould You Redesign, Renovate, Or Reconfigure Your Office?
Should You Redesign, Renovate, Or Reconfigure Your Office?

Should You Redesign, Renovate, Or Reconfigure Your Office?


The office is a decisive factor in many different aspects of your company, from employee productivity to impressions from clients and visitors. If your company is struggling to keep employee or client morale high, you might consider changing your office space for the better so that it is a better place to be for people who work and visit there.

However, there are three terms that people tend to use interchangeably when looking to change up their office:

Renovation, reconfiguration, and redesign. What is the difference between the three? These are three very different ways to makeover an office, so here are what each of them means in detail:


Reconfiguration is often the lightest of the three in terms of effort and change in the office. An office reconfiguration is meant to change the shape or layout of your office by replacing or rearranging certain parts of it. Reconfiguration is that office owners do to change from a closed office layout to an open office layout, and vice versa. Reconfiguration is done in the office in order to increase the company’s workflow, encourage more teamwork and social interaction, make employees feel more comfortable as they work, or to simply accommodate for growth when a company knows it is coming.

Ways that an office can be reconfigured include buying new office furniture, removing cubicles and rearranging desks, and installing partition walls that can customize the look and feel of the office. Reconfiguring the office is often the most affordable choice, and one that can be done quickly if you are concerned about employees missing work.


Renovation in the office means you refresh or revive the room by fixing some of the room’s current elements and including new elements in the process. You can hire office renovation in Singapore to help you makeover your corporate offices this way.

If there are some things that you still like about the office, but want to change or add things to make working easier, making an office renovation would be the best option for you. If your building is old and just want your offices updated, or you need better accessibility or want to incorporate new technologies in a seamless fashion, you easily do not have to overhaul your offices in order to do these things.


When an office is redesigned, that means the office will get a change in appearance and function. An office redesign is often more work than a renovation, and more work is meant to get done rather than just changing the room cosmetically, such as replacing a floor or wall. A redesign for the office is in order when the room isn’t correctly designed by a previous owner, there is too much or not enough room to accommodate everyone, or if the room just looks too outdated or unappealing. There are several things to consider before redesigning your office.

A redesigned office can be rather refreshing for both employees and clients. Offices that look brand new will be very inviting for people to work in, and this can be a way for employees to want to stay, in the event you have a feeling they are looking for work elsewhere. Redesigning the office, however, is the most expensive and most time-consuming option to pick from.


Office environments can be changed in one of three ways. Reconfiguring the office simply changes its layout to encourage better productivity. Renovating is fixing old and outdated elements of the office to make for a more modern setting. Redesigning is doing over the whole office in terms of appearance and functionality.

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