Are you looking to downsize? Are you hiring a new recruit but don’t have much space for them to work from? You probably have very little space for a desk, or if you happen to have a large desk, it can occupy a lot of space and make the office look small.

There are many scenarios where you might be left with needing a small desk for an office, but at the same time, you need the desk to still be comfortable and like home, as somebody will need to work at it through the duration of the work day.

Determine How Big Your Office Is

First, you should measure your office space. See how big of a desk can fit into the space that you had in mind. From there, you can buy a desk from your office furniture supplier in Singapore or have a new one custom made. If you end up with a bespoke desk, the end result should be a perfect fit, as that desk will be made just for that area in mind.

Determine What Color Desk You Want

Next, think of what color you want your desk to be. Look around the office and see which colors you have going on, or in the case of office remodeling, which colors you want going on. Truth be told, there you can have a desk made in one of many colors from office furniture suppliers. The most common color of desk you can get is brown, due to it being the color of wood. Brown is a neutral color that goes with any other color. If you have wood themes, a wooden desk would tie them all together. White is arguably the second most common desk color. It too goes great with any color and is a safe color to buy a desk in. Black would be the third most common color, which can add depth and contrast to a bright-colored office. If you are thinking of a desk in any other color, you might have to have it custom-made.

Determine Which Theme You Want

Offices, of course have an established theme in order to set a certain mood for employees. There are many styles of office to consider, from modern to traditional to industrial. If you are remodeling, take some time to think of which style of office you want so you spend less time choosing specific elements. If you aren’t remodeling your office and you just want a desk to fit inside a certain space, you should be wary of the office theme so that the desk can match it.

Determine Your Budget

Small desks, of course, typically cost less than larger desks, but it is still important that you set a budget. How much are you willing to spend for a new desk? Do you want to buy one or have one custom made? Are you remodeling the whole office as well? Do you want a desk in a certain material or color? All these questions can determine how much your project will cost.